Black Friday Comes to CultureSonar

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We’ll make this quick since we know you’re getting bombarded with holiday-shopping offers today so here’s ours: Click here to get 10% off everything in our store. Need some ideas?

Deconstructing DVDsWell, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Beatles-lovers in your life, we’d recommend our best-selling Deconstructing The Beatles series. Our latest films, on the years from 1957 to 1963, trace their crazy Origin Story while the original four-film set dives deeply into Rubber Soul, Revolver, The White Album, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Ban. All the links in the post will apply your discount automatically or you can use the code BFCMTEN2018 once you start shopping.

Bruce and ClarenceAlready own the DVDs. How about a print — framed or unframed — of John, Paul, George, and Ringo (or Tom Petty or Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen for that matter) from the new additions to our exclusive photo library courtesy of The Jeff Hochberg Collection. They’ll look great on a wall or under the tree. We’ve already lowered the prices for the holidays, and now you can get an EXTRA 10% off!

What Is Punk (LA)Need something for someone born years after the Beatles broke up? Well, Eric Morse’s This Is Punk is the hippest picture book we’ve seen, and can be given to both the young and old punks in your life. Additionally, our collection of you-won’t-see-these-everywhere items will delight your idiosyncratic music-geek loved ones. Start shopping now!

One last thing. When you buy from us, you help support over 60 writers, producers, and editors. We’re working hard to make and find things that are worthy of your attention — and sales from our online store help pay our bills. Consider each purchase as an extra helping of Good Karma, a great holiday complement to the Good Deals on Good Stuff.

Happy holidays!

– CS Team

Photo Credit: Image of shop window courtesy of Pixabay.

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