Young Brad Pitt & Levi’s: A Tight (Advertising) Fit

Brad Pitt Courtesy of Getty Images


At its best, advertising does three things well: grab your attention, imprint brand values and reward the viewer for the brief time spent with the brand. London agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, widely viewed as the best global creative agency, excels at all three. And nowhere was that more consistently in evidence than a few decades of Levi’s television spots. Most were created for a UK and European audience and evoked the youthful confidence and sexiness of an iconic American brand. Here’s a great example starring a young Brad Pitt from 1991. Was this Pitt at his sexiest? Or was it years later at the Sundance Film Festival as in the image above? That’s your call. But either way, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

Steve Harty

Photo Credit: Brad Pitt 2002 courtesy of Tom Smart/Getty Images

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