Critics Are Digging “Deconstructing The Beatles”

Forgive us if we’re pretty proud of the Deconstructing The Beatles films released late last year. But we’re not the only ones who think Fab Four authority Scott Freiman’s “deconstructions” of Revolver, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and The White Album are compelling. Critics ranging from The Boston Herald and Parade to Film Festival Traveler and Cherry Hill’s Post Courier have had some nice things to say. Check out our small sample below. And rest assured, we’re working on the next few films in this cool series.

• The Boston Herald deems Deconstructing The Beatles “a wonderful four-part theatrical documentary series,” while also praising Scott Freiman for his “encyclopedic knowledge of his subject.”

Parade’s Neil Pond encourages viewers to “go behind the scenes of four classic Beatles LPs in Deconstructing the Beatles” which he touts as an “engrossing multimedia lecture series.”

Film Festival Traveler selected Deconstructing the Beatles as their DVDs of the Week, noting how Beatles expert Scott Freiman delves “deep into the Fab Four catalog to unveil the multi-layers of each track with precise and dead-on analysis.”

• Zeroing in specifically on Deconstructing The White Album, Front Row Features critic Angela Dawson notes that fans “can experience this remarkable record as never before” because the series host “Scott Freiman gets under the hood of this groundbreaking album and shows us what made it run so well.”

• “Fascinating stuff,” is how Amy Longsdorf of New Jersey’s Cherry Hill Courier Post describes the Deconstructing The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band installment, adding that the record is what “many consider the best album of all time.” (No link)

• Additionally, the Deconstructing the Beatles DVD four-pack set “shares lots of interesting trivia” but according to Douglas Pratt in the DVD Laser-Disc Newsletter, it’s also “visually stimulating” with a “crisp picture and wonderful stereo sound.” (No link)

• For more on Deconstructing the Beatles’ main man Scott Freiman, check out his interview with Movie Blog in support of the 2017 release of the first four installments.

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Here’s the trailer:

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