What Kind of App Would a Triathlete Devise?

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If you’re looking for a new fitness app, wouldn’t it make sense to find out who’s behind it? Saurabh Aggarwal, the co-founder for Fitso, for example, is a triathlete who generally works out twice in a day. (Mornings are all about running, cycling or swimming; evenings, he’s strengthening and stretching before bed. The long runs are saved for the weekends.) So you know this is a guy who is taking exercise very seriously. And since his app’s name is a shortened version of “fitness social,” you also know he’s not interested in doing this all alone.

Q: When did the Fitso app come about? 

A: The Fitso app launched in mid-September 2015. Being fitness enthusiasts ourselves health and fitness is close to our heart and an obvious choice to bring disruption.

Q: What’s the app’s origin story, so to speak?

A: During my training days for Ironman, I traveled to most parts of India in search of a coach and finally settled down for a coach who was based in Australia and got online personal training. It worked wonders for me and from there came the idea that personal fitness training can be brought online which can make hiring a personal trainer accessible and affordable for everyone.

We believe we have the perfect team to crack this business. I have always been into running, fitness and adventure sports and got great experience of business development during Flipkart’s time of growth. Naman joined Zomato out of college and was the first person on their mobile apps team. He stayed at Zomato for four years as Head of Mobile Products and has fantastic experience in building consumer facing products and technology at scale. Rahool served as Head of Marketing at Yepme (India’s largest online fashion brand).

Q: What’s been the most popular feature within the app so far?

A: GPS tracking is the most popular feature so far as it fascinates everyone to track the statistics of the efforts made by oneself in any outdoor activity like walking, running or riding.

Q: Where has the app gained most traction?

A: Most traction till now is of course from home ground India but second to India is the US market followed by Malaysia where people are using Fitso crazily and sticking to the app as it keeps the track of overall fitness (i.e. indoor and outdoor workouts as well as nutrition).

Q: If you could share one special feature of the Fitso app to entice people what might that be and why? 

A: Online personal fitness training by a real human coach is the special feature of Fitso which is disrupting the fitness space by making personal training even more accessible. We had opened this feature only in India till now. But currently US users can also subscribe to a personal coach at an affordable price, too. That personal coach will work closely on a one-to-one basis with the client and help him/her with all aspects of achieving the fitness goal. Our ultimate aim is to bring results for our users.

Q: What’s coming up of particular interest for the app?

A: We are coming up with a flexibility feature for our users to modify their free training plans so that they can further customize their own regime. In this way, we hope to take our user experience of personal training to the next level.

Q: What’s the nicest response you’ve received so far?

A: Well, here’s what we received from Valerie in the US: “Love love LOVE your app!! I’ve only been using it for a few days but I enjoy it so much I wanted to let you know. I haven’t worked out or run in almost a year so this has really motivated me to get moving again. I love the videos and the training plans and tips. I also like that it connects with Runkeeper which has been my go-to running app. I have been waking up each day anxious to get up and workout – this is huge for me as I have been lacking this motivation for a long time. I really can’t say enough about how much I’ve enjoyed your app! Keep up the good work!!” We like when we get stuff like that.

– The CS Team

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