Could This Be the Latest Pixar Short?

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The sweetest TV ad of this year’s holiday season may be from the Spanish National Christmas Lottery, courtesy of Leo Burnett Iberia. The animation in this silent, 3.5 minute short film is fantastic. Justino is a lonely security guard at a mannequin factory. Alone in the factory night after silent night, he rearranges mannequins in creative and amusing ways, drawing his inspirations from the photos and other personal artifacts he observes in their empty offices. Justino is repaid for his kindness when the workers include him in their winning lottery syndicate. The ad features the tagline “There’s no bigger prize than sharing” and runs on TV and in cinemas in Spain. Justino’s antics can also be followed via Instagram.

You’ll find yourself hitting ‘replay’ at least once to enjoy this very shareable new ad.

Steve Harty


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Stephen Harty hangs around at the busy intersection of culture, commerce and politics. He’s led some of the country’s most creative ad agencies, worked in both federal and city governments and is currently a trustee of a liberal arts college. He makes his living as a consultant and lecturer.

3 comments on “Could This Be the Latest Pixar Short?

  1. Stephen Harty

    Was it this wonderful advertisement? Spaniards are flocking to a lucky lottery vendor hoeing for Justino’s luck.

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