“Picardy Third,” anyone?

From their earliest days, The Beatles had a gift for writing memorable melodies over surprisingly complex chord patterns. Our pal, “Beatleologist” Scott Freiman, digs into one of the great early examples: “And I Love Her.”

See more at https://bit.ly/3yjJSOR. Save 10% on the 2-film set with code CSYT10.

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6 comments on ““Picardy Third,” anyone?

  1. Irion Nanne

    Thanks for a great analysis. Why not just do all the Beatle songs from A-Z? I’d watch that!

  2. The more I learn about the Beatles, the more I admire their work. And I already thought they were amazing!

  3. Scott Freiman is simply outstanding in his Deconstructing The Beatles analysis.
    I personally own all of the DVD collection, and have attended each theatrical presentations.
    He presents rare audio as well as behind the scene recording stories that I’ve NEVER heard before.
    I highly recommend all of these presentations!

  4. Thanks for the kind comments. We really do appreciate the support and encouragement.

  5. Fascinating & informative. As ever, Scott.

    Keep on doin’ what you do better than anyone else do…

    Rock On & Out

    John Smistad
    “The Quick Flick Critic”

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