Setting the Stage for “Abbey Road” – Part 4

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We’ve got some cool stuff up on our YouTube channel, which we hope you’ll check out.

Our two resident Beatle experts, Ken Womack and Scott Freiman, did a popular lecture series on the making of Abbey Road.  In Part 4, they discuss songs including “Oh Darling,” “Octopus’ Garden” and the epic “She’s So Heavy.”

-The CS Team

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1 comment on “Setting the Stage for “Abbey Road” – Part 4

  1. Funny about the mention of being jerked awake, by the end cut of I Want You, because the very first time I ever heard the song I was playing my brother’s Abby Road album in my room, with headphones on, and gradually falling asleep…. and exactly that happened — the cut-off at the end occurs, and I bolt straight up in bed, totally panicked for a moment, and look around for the someone who stopped the record!!! I’ll never forget that moment!

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