Setting the Stage for “Abbey Road”

beatles abbey road

We’ve got some cool stuff up on our YouTube channel, which we hope you’ll check out.

Our two resident Beatle experts, Ken Womack and Scott Freiman, did a popular lecture series on the making of Abbey Road. In case you missed it, here’s Part 1, where they discuss how that classic album got going — and the key player in the process.

-The CS Team

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5 comments on “Setting the Stage for “Abbey Road”

  1. Rick Mann

    Fire the guy running back and forth in front of the camera.

  2. Mark Lapidos looks upon himself “the chosen one” ’cause John Lennon essentially shrugged in the affirmative that he could start Beatlefest. I remember reaching out to him to speak with him for my former Beatle program, “Just Four Guys.” And he was super arrogant and off-putting.

    Conversely, May Pang spoke with me and she was lovely.

    • Mark Dobbs

      Miss Just 4 Guys, Ray. Was great to hear that May Pang was warm and approachable.

    • I loved that radio show and miss it too!! I’m on Cape Cod and looking forward to your new show…

  3. The Beatles needed Geo. Martin to unlock their greatness.

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