Is Snoop Dogg the Next Howard Cosell?

Snopp Dogg

Is there anything more predictable than interviews with jocks? Sideline and post-game interviews are a Lego system of interchangeable cliches and false modesty (“I really just have to thank my teammates for what they did today”). But every now and again someone shatters the interview mirrorball and reassembles the shards into something interesting, almost always using humor as a way of getting past the expected. It looks to us like a new mini-series hosted by Snoop Dogg will be one of these. The collaboration between the rapper and Adidas has Snoop hosting an 8-part online talk show on his YouTube channel, WestFest TV. It promises a lot of laughs, as Snoop’s inimitable irreverence darts and jabs through the formidable defenses of athletic nonsense.

“Coach Snoop’s Turf’d Up” has already booked guests like Antonio Pierce, Terrell Owens, John Salley, Tony Gonzalez, George Lopez and YouTube personalities iJustine and Jesse from PrankvsPrank. The first episode recently appeared on YouTube. Looks like a nice complement to January’s football overload.

Steve Harty

PS. Hey sports fans: Just try not to get amped up listening to sports anthems like “We Will Rock You” or “Get Ready for This.”

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