Sustainable Brightness in Mid-Winter


Did you ever want to send flowers to your mom or someone special? Did you go online or to your local florist and look at the options? And then, when you picked the FTD bouquet that looked sort of like something you might possibly want to send, were you sorta unhappy with the choice? Me, too. Check out Farmgirl Flowers. They are based in San Francisco and deliver across the US. They use only American-grown flowers and create one luscious design a day. That cuts their waste to 1% vs. the 40% waste at most florists. The bouquets are breathtaking and actually look like something most of us would pick from our garden…if we had the chance, the time and, oh yeah, the talent.

A recent profile in the New York Times explains this different approach:

“When customers order from Farmgirl Flowers they are not given an option for, say, a dozen red roses, but rather they choose the size of the bouquet and receive the daily arrangement in that size. The bouquets are seasonal and dictated by what’s available from the farmers the company works with, many of whom have begun to plant flowers and greenery specifically to suit (Farmgirl’s) needs. Most bouquets are wrapped in reused burlap coffee bags donated by local coffee roasters.

Traditional wholesalers and florists can’t forecast what consumers will buy. ‘So they have to have 50 different options, so that they can sell 25. Those 25 have to subsidize the 25 that were thrown out. That didn’t make sense to me,’ said Farmgirl CEO Christina Stembel. ‘To eliminate the waste, we eliminated the option.’”

So check out Farmgirl Flowers and light up your life, or someone you love, these dark winter days.

– Cathy Cattabiani

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