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The Never-Ending “Stairway to Heaven” Debate

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Give ’em credit: the band Taurus has been relentless over the years charging that Zeppelin ripped ’em off for “Stairway to Heaven.” We turned the matter over to our musician friend Vinnie Demasi who breaks it all down. Enjoy!

-The CS Team

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4 comments on “The Never-Ending “Stairway to Heaven” Debate

  1. This is great; thanks so much CultureSonar folks! Thank you for speaking the TRUTH about this, from a music-theory perspective. I could say a whole lot more about my views on Spirit for their baseless (to be charitable) claim about Stairway…but I’d be violating your “be kind” rule 🙂 So I’ll leave it at this.

  2. Ed Beauchamp

    Great article! Just to be clear, Taurus is the name of the song, not the band. The band is Spirit.

  3. You need to be correct in your assertions, if you wish to be taken seriously. The song was “Taurus” . The band was Spirit.

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