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We started CultureSonar to help grownups find cool music, film, TV, books, events, activities and other worthy things. There’s a big group of people who are as open as ever to new experiences, but whose lives are a bit more, well, complicated than before. You know the drill: work, families, obligations and all that. Finding the time and headspace to look for new stuff isn’t as simple as it used to be. Plus, there’s just so much new art and entertainment news being released pretty much every day. It’s impossible to stay on top of it all.

CultureSonar hopes to make things easier on you by suggesting cool things to see, hear, read and do. We’ve gathered a bunch of like-minded people to comb though the chaos and pick out the tastiest, most entertaining stuff. Sometimes it’ll be pretty mainstream, but maybe overlooked, and sometimes it might be relatively obscure. But we figure if we like it, you might, too.

For the most part, our respective Day Jobs connect us with the some facet of the arts – so we see a lot of material. And we like talking about it all. CultureSonar gives us a chance to do that. We like to think of it as friends making good recommendations to other friends.

We’re totally making this up as we go along. Feel absolutely free to comment, contribute and schmooze as often as you like. We have only two “rules of the road.” Firstly, we’re here to appreciate things, not to tear them down. Similarly, we’re not interested in online flame wars. Be civil. Aside from that, have at it.

We have no idea where this will take us; but are really grateful you’re along for the ride.

Away we go…