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denny seiwell

Denny Seiwell’s Wild Life In Wings

Denny Seiwell was Paul McCartney’s first choice as a drummer for the new band Wings. Coming on the heels of the Beatles, it was an eclectic experience — and we get an inside look at how this new Macca band worked.

russian doll

5 Intriguing Reasons to Watch “Russian Doll”

“Russian Doll” is one of THE most buzz-filled new Netflix series. Natasha Lyonne is a troubled 30-something living in the East Village. And it’s way more “realistic” (and witty) than most New York City-based shows.

dr hook

Top Five Dr. Hook Songs

We recently lost Ray Sawyer (aka “Dr. Hook”). So it’s a good time to revisit the band’s best. What comes in at Number One might surprise you.