Simple Guidelines for Comments

At CultureSonar, we LOVE comments and lively discussion. To keep things fair for our readers, we do moderate the comment threads. Please be patient. It may take a little time for your comments to post.

Our guidelines are simple and, we hope, make common sense. Basically, the they boil down to these simple rules:

  • Be civil to each other. “Disagree without being disagreeable.” CultureSonar will delete insulting or inflammatory comments.
  • We also love it when commenters explain WHY they feel as they do about an article, rather than simply saying they like, or don’t like, something. We genuinely want to encourage thoughtful, deep exchanges from our readers and fans.
  • All the usual “code of conduct” stuff applies, too. CultureSonar will remove pirated, inappropriate, illegal and otherwise unsuitable content.

In other words, just use good judgment and we will post your blog comments as soon as possible.

Do feel free to contact us with any questions. Someone from the CultureSonar team will reply ASAP.

Thanks so much!