Author: Ellen Fagan

Ellen Fagan is a forever New Yorker, long-time Greenwich Village resident and vintage Duke University graduate with hippie-esque leanings. The best description of Ellen was given to her by a sardonic lawyer during the voir dire of one of her myriad Jury Duty stints: "...housewife, mom, voracious reader, freelance writer, copy editor, jewelry designer and frequent cyber-sleuth."
60s rock biographies

Unfinished Lives: ‘60s Rockers Gone Too Soon

Janis Joplin, Sam Cooke, Mama Cass, and Brian Jones all left behind rich musical legacies after their tragic, untimely deaths. This bunch of excellent biographies goes deeper into their various stories.

David Bowie Is...

David Bowie Is…So Worth Visiting

His early journals, actual costumes, even a stray coke spoon bring you close again to the late David Bowie. In a nutshell, the Brooklyn Museum’s “David Bowie Is…” exhibition proves a worthy tribute to one cultural icon who never stopped exploring.