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family time streaming

Stream Some Quality Time With Your Family

A sports pic the whole family will enjoy? We’ve got you covered. Same for comedy, drama, foreign flick, and documentary.

A Network for Music Geeks? Yes, Please

Qello is “the Netflix for music.” CultureSonar readers can get a 30-day free subscription. Go to and enter the code CultureSonarFD. No credit card info required. No scam. No strings attached. Just a lot of cool, free music stuff.

the kids are alright

“The Kids Are Alright”: Not Your Ordinary Rock Doc

This 1979 film was made by a seriously hardcore fan of The Who.

vince giordano documentary

Hot Jazz is Alive and (Sometimes) Well, Thanks to This Charming Obsessive

For many of us, jazz from the early part of the last century means thin, scratchy sounds captured on old discs. Here’s a great way to hear it as it really was.

making of the president documentaries

“The Making of the President”: A Trio of Political Documentaries

Whichever presidential candidate one supports, it would be hard to claim that the current election cycle has distinguished itself in the area of civility and substance. Such a contentious, hard-edged backdrop is an invitation to nostalgia for an era where the political was supposedly both