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jerry seinfeld

Seinfeld Before the Coffee Shop

A new Netflix special has Jerry Seinfeld going back to his comedic roots.

purple rain

“Purple Rain”…With A Twang

As the one-year anniversary of Prince’s passing approaches, this reflavored classic is a lovely way to remember the Purple One.

court and spark

How “Girls” Helped Me Rediscover Joni Mitchell

Mitchell’s “Court and Spark” (1974) popped up recently on the HBO series “Girls.” Listening to it again leads to surprising finds.

good rats

Good Rats: A Beloved, Epic “Near Miss”

This NY band shoulda been huge. Just ask its rabid fans. We spoke to their former manager for some insight into this memorable group.

karl wallinger

Karl Wallinger and His New “World Party”

I was recently reminded of two of my favorite 80s tracks: The Waterboys and “Whole of the Moon” (1985) and World Party’s “Ship of Fools” (1987). Both prominently featured Karl Wallinger on vocals, guitar and keyboards (in differing combinations). Wallinger joined The Waterboys as the