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The 10 Best Led Zeppelin Songs You May Have Never Heard

Perhaps you already know “Your Time Is Gonna Come” and “The Lemon Song.” But if not…

What Was It Like to Play With Guitarist Roy Buchanan?

Neither flashy nor trendy, he influenced tons of rock guitar players.

Carmine Appice: A Classic Rock Classic

Carmine Appice has definitely been there and done that. For one thing, he’s probably the only drummer to have been considered as a replacement for both Keith Moon in The Who AND John Bonham in Led Zeppelin. Naturally, he has stories to tell. Listen to a few of them here…

spirit band

The Spirit of Rock Lives On

Last summer, a LA jury determined that a copyright lawsuit failed to prove that Led Zeppelin lifted “Stairway to Heaven“‘s intro from Spirit‘s “Taurus” (1968). While the ruling put that matter to rest (at least from a legal standpoint), the trial also shone a light

Let Paul Simon, James Taylor and Bob Dylan Be Your Travel Guides

Whether you’re one of the weary souls crowding onto planes, trains and into automobiles to head home for the holidays this month, or one of many more looking to escape on a Kerouacian journey of self discovery, you can be sure there’s a soundtrack to