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the zombies

Take an “Odessey” With The Zombies

This 1968 masterpiece – recorded at Abbey Road Studios – is more than just the big hit “Time of the Season.” It shows just how deep Zombies really were. If you only know the hits, you need to check this out.

sgt pepper

Toilet Paper, an Echo Chamber, a Giant Harmonica and Other “Sgt. Pepper” Quirks

In August, 1966, the Beatles played their final concert (at Candlestick Park near San Francisco). They had decided to stop touring – and no one knew how to be a band without playing gigs. After that last show, George Harrison said, “Well, I guess I’m

beatles obsession

How The Beatles (Almost) Destroyed My Sanity

In the beginning, I’m just like any other teenage girl… Mid-January 1964:  Somebody at school mentions a band called The Beatles. Yuuch. They sound like bugs. Our January 31, 1964 Life Magazine issue is delivered to our house in Queens, NY. Their pictures are on

Jimi Hendrix and “A Day In The Life” – Part Deux

When we suggested a Hendrix connection to “A Day in the Life,” you had A LOT to say about it. Here are some responses to the most frequent questions and comments.

How Jimi Hendrix (May Have) Influenced The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life”

Editor’s Note: We’ve gotten LOTS of feedback about this video — and Scott’s conjecture about Jimi’s possible influence on Sgt Pepper — so Scott just posted a follow up where he responds to the most frequent questions and comments.  Anyway, here’s the original article. We hope