“BBC Broadcasts”: Three Decades of Genesis

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On March 3, BBC Broadcasts, a 53-track five-CD and 24-track three-LP box set by British rock band Genesis will be released. A goldmine of material recorded by the BBC, the set features contributions made by all three of the band’s lead singers – Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, and Ray Wilson – spanning between 1970 and 1998. Producer Nick Davis first teased the BBC box set in September. He, along with founding keyboardist Tony Banks curated the collection, which is packaged with a 40-page booklet and an extensive body of unreleased live recordings.

The BBC has recorded Genesis several times over the years, including in-studio sessions and radio broadcasts. Davis told Fairfax City Music, “So, there is BBC stuff coming out, especially that Lyceum gig, which is very good. It’s a lot of material, some from very early all the way through to the very end, I think … There’s no multitracks, so there’s only stereo or mono. It’s mastering, trying to make it sound as good as we can. Sometimes it’s sonically compromised, but I think all of it sounds OK.”

The band has only released some of this BBC material. Their 2008 box set Genesis 1970-1975, included three early songs (“Shepherd,” “Pacidy” and “Let Us Now Make Love”) tracked for the BBC Night Ride program in February 1970.

Genesis also worked with the BBC for the 2014 documentary Genesis: Together and Apart, which featured a reunion interview with the classic ’70s members: Gabriel, Collins, Banks, Mike Rutherford, and Steve Hackett. Seven years later, the band’s popular trio lineup (Banks, Rutherford and Collins) reunited onstage for The Last Domino?, their first tour since 2007 and since described as their farewell tour. The tour received a nomination for a Billboard Music Award in the Top Tour and Top Rock Tour categories but lost both to the No Filter Tour by The Rolling Stones.

Among the tracks from Genesis’ BBC Broadcasts box set will be:

CD 1

“Shepherd” – Night Ride 1970 (previously released on Genesis Archive 1967–75)
“Musical Box” – Paris 1972
“Stagnation” – Sounds Of ‘70 1971 (previously released on Genesis Archive 1967–75)
“Harlequin” – Peel Jan 1972
“Watcher of the Skies” – In Concert 1975

CD 2

Drum Duet – Knebworth 1978
“Deep In The Motherlode” – Lyceum 1980
“Dancing With The Moonlit Knight” – Lyceum 1980
“Behind The Lines” – Lyceum 1980
“Turn it On Again” – Lyceum 1980

CD 3

“Say It’s Alright Joe” – Lyceum 1980
“Afterglow” – Lyceum 1980
“Follow You, Follow Me” – Lyceum 1980
“I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” – Lyceum 1980
“Mama” – Wembley 1987 (previously released on Genesis Live 1973-2007)
“Domino” – Wembley 1987 (previously released on Live At Wembley Stadium DVD)


“That’s All” – Wembley 1987(previously released on Genesis Live 1973-2007)
“Throwing It All Away” – Wembley 1987 (previously on Live At Wembley Stadium DVD)
“Home By The Sea” – Wembley 1987 (previously on Live At Wembley Stadium DVD)
“Invisible Touch” – Wembley 1987 (previously on Live At Wembley Stadium DVD)
“Drum Duet” – Wembley 1987 (previously on Live At Wembley Stadium DVD))
“Not About Us” – NEC 1998

CD 5

“No Son of Mine” – Knebworth 1992
“Old Medley” – Knebworth 1992
“Fading Lights” – Knebworth 1992
“Hold On My Heart” – Knebworth 1992
“I Can’t Dance” – Knebworth 1992

-Sharon Oliver

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3 comments on ““BBC Broadcasts”: Three Decades of Genesis

  1. Les Fender

    Too much new stuff in this release. I loved them before, but lost lost all interest in Genesis after Steve Hackett departed.

  2. Mark Hudson

    Strange not to mention the 2021/22 Re-union tour in the wrap up. As in The Last Domino? “since described as their farewell tour” when in fact it wasn’t.

  3. Pretty sure this is the vinyl tracklist; the CDs are chock full of much more material.

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