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the police

The Police: “Everyone Stares”

Stewart Copeland of The Police turned his camera on the band. The result is a great documentary about the rise of one of the best bands of the 70s/80s.

carmine street guitars

“Carmine Street Guitars”: One Of A Kind (Literally)

It takes a unique point-of-view to make guitars by hand these days — and to maintain a shop in NYC’s now-high-rent Greenwich Village. Combining art, craft, persistence — and more than a touch of stubbornness — Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitars gets a well-earned moment in the spotlight in a thoughtful new documentary.

joan jett

Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation”

A Christmas gift of a cheap guitar plus the influence of David Bowie combined to set Joan Jett on her path. A very cool documentary fills in the blanks of her unlikely journey.