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More Than Fantastic! The Top 10 Albums of Elton John

“Madman Across the Water,” “Honky Chateau” and his big self-titled debut have left their mark on the rock pop landscape. As his farewell tour rolls on, this list of Elton’s 10 best albums are a great summary of his career.

Ray LaMontagne

Enjoying Ray LaMontagne: Such a Simple Thing

He’s been compared to Otis Redding and Joe Cocker but this talented singer-songwriter has an incomparable style unique to him, one that’s been honed during his popular live sets. These six songs are a great intro to Ray LaMontagne.

Elton John

After Elton John Reached the Top, He Aimed Even Higher

How do you follow up classics like “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”? With an autobiographical masterpiece, that’s how. “Captain Fantastic” has aged exceptionally well – and is a wonderful peek into Elton John’s journey to rock-god stardom.