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Nirvana at MoPOP

The Poster Boy of Rock n’ Roll

From the flyers tacked to a phone pole to the artier posters advertising a band, the Museum of Pop in Seattle has a collection that shows another creative side to rock. Our interview digs into the colorful particulars.

pearl jam mopop

MoPOP Knows How to Rock

Jacob McMurray, Senior Curator at Paul Allen’s Museum of Pop in Seattle, is keeping the legacies of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Jimi Hendrix alive with often-traveling exhibits of memorabilia.

when grunge died

When Did the ‘90s Grunge Scene Actually Die?

Most think that Kurt’s death was the end of “grunge” – but there were some great groups and albums that came up right around that time. The author makes a case for another “end” – and it has to do with another group’s trauma.