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Whisky With a Twist: Is This an Ad or a Short Film?

tullamore dew

From time to time (that means, don’t hold us to a schedule), we’ll share some of the best new advertising gracing airwaves and cinemas here in the US and elsewhere. The best spots are film-making at the top of its game with great characters, narratives, design and cinematography. Here’s a simple story well told – and beautifully filmed in an Irish churchyard – with a brilliantly unexpected twist. A tip-o-the-hat to the team:

But why stop there? If you’d like a longer listen to the haunting Tullamore tune, here’s a nice rendition from Ed Sheeran

And – quite unexpectedly – here’s “The Parting Glass” sung by 5-star general Martin Dempsey, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at his retirement ceremony. Proving once again the enduring appeal of a memorable song and evoking a somewhat different lyrical meaning when sung by a career officer:

You don’t have to be Irish or a hyper patriot to find yourself reaching for a Kleenex.

Steve Harty

Photo Credit: Image of Tullamore Dew courtesy of Pixabay.

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3 comments on “Whisky With a Twist: Is This an Ad or a Short Film?

  1. Stephen Harty

    Just for fun, here’s another Tullamore spot with another unexpected twist – and a raffish sense of humor

  2. Lisa Lynne

    the commercial was incredible and sets new standards (wouldn’t that be wonderful) – but the third video was definitely the grabber – and I almost didn’t finish the entire thing, but watching how his grandchildren loved on him spoke volumes more than the song itself – great material

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