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the affair showtime

An Affair to Remember (and Revisit)

It’s back. The love triangle that keeps on going, which throughout two seasons combined adultery, murder and a seemingly endless array of family and individual problems, ripe for a dramatic continuation into Season 3. Showtime’s The Affair, season 3, premiered Nov. 19, just in time

modern yoga

6 Modern Twists on Yoga

At this point, if you haven’t started already, you may have grown weary of everyone telling you to take yoga. Your friends, your family members, your favorite athletes, even your celebrity crushes have been applying peer pressure to take up one modern twist or other


What Do You Buy the Music Nerd on Your List?

If you’re here, visiting CultureSonar, you are probably – and we mean this lovingly, since we’re in the same tribe – a bit of a geek. When you love something, say music, you REALLY love it. We think that’s great. And we want to help.

brian brushwood

Brian Brushwood Conquers YouTube One Show at a Time

Brian Brushwood wears many hats — comedian, magician, podcast host, author — so it goes to follow that when he decided to take his many talents to YouTube, he wouldn’t come up with one single show. In fact, to date he’s launched well over a

grace and frankie island cds

Desert Island Discs for Netflix’s Grace and Frankie

As co-executive producer of the Netflix hit Grace and Frankie, John Hoffman was bound to have uncanny insights into this delightful show’s two primary unforgettable characters (played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin). And as an Emmy-nominated writer himself, Hoffman seemed also guaranteed to come

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