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we are scientists

Please Greenlight We Are Scientists for a Proper TV Show

This NYC musical duo has already proven their comedic chops in a short-form series on MTV UK.

biopic documentaries

5 Biopic Documentaries: Lives in Full View

Discover something new about Warren Buffett, Amelia Earhart, James Baldwin, and yourself.

beatles-inspired movies

5 Fab Films Inspired by the Fab Four

How would you like your Beatles homage? Dramatic like “Nowhere Boy” or comical like “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”?

jeffrey lee campbell

Life As a Working Musician

He toured the world with Sting and then set a record in a Broadway pit. Ace guitarist Jeffrey Lee Campbell has earned his wisdom; and is ready to share it in the debut episode of “5 Questions with…”


The Best of the Yesterday’s Britcoms: From “Monty Python” to “The Inbetweeners”

On the other side of the pond, they like their sitcoms dry with a touch of madness.

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