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mike barfield

Mike Barfield: All Hail the Tyrant of Texas Funk

Barfield’s brand of “Texas Funk” has blues and rock infused into its funkiness even if it is delivered by a guy that doesn’t look the part. Think of a six-foot leprechaun (with red lambchop sideburns) who shimmies like James Brown.

high fidelity

Why We Love “High Fidelity”

John Cusack, Jack Black and Lisa Bonet are just three reasons to be a fan. The tracks (and lists) in this Stephen Frears movie about obsessive music lovers makes this the perfect “must-watch” for Record Store Day.

jack white

Jack White Goes Synth On “Boarding House Reach”

From Zeppelin-era sounds to gospel standards and even 1870s classical music, Jack White mixes it all up on his newest project. In short, the guy who resisted studio “tricks” is now taking them into intriguing new territory.

soul diesel

4/20 Day: A Day for Smokin’ Music

As weed becomes legalized in more places, lifestyle industries are capitalizing on the buzz. The Jazz Dispensary label has just released a great set of jams in “Soul Diesel Vol. 2,” the perfect soundtrack to 4/20 day.