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superhero theme songs

The Super Theme Songs of Batman, Flash Gordon, and The Incredibles

The swelling of strings, the beat of the drums, the shredding of an electric guitar…Every superhero needs a great song to herald their arrival but the perfect theme does not come often or easily. To truly capture the essence of a character — especially one

Beatles covers

10 Beatles Covers You Really Need to Hear

There’s probably no other band as widely covered as The Beatles. Practically from the moment they first emerged, they’ve been fodder for interpretations by artists from just about every genre. Through the decades, the Fab Four cover train has never stopped rolling. And in the


Adidas Originals: Trippy, Hippy and Happy

Possibly the strangest, most entertaining and most discussable ad of 2017 so far is a spot for Adidas Originals, “Original Is Never Finished.” Set to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” — in itself not an original idea — this nearly psychedelic spot reinterprets the tune in a hyper-contemporary

shawn colvin

Shawn Colvin Comes “Home”

I recently pulled out one of my favorite (old) CDs — Shawn Colvin’s Steady On (1989). I don’t recall how I first discovered her, but once I did, it was love. I listened to that album — and later, Fat City (1992), Cover Girl (’94) and


On Broadway, August Wilson’s “Jitney” Is Something to Prize

There was a lovely moment at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year when actor Denzel Washington, clearly surprised by his win for Fences — a film he’d also produced and directed, mind you — rattled off a litany of great American playwrights, ending with

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