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what makes a great riff

What Makes a Great Riff?

It only takes a few notes, but you’re hooked. In this episode of their “Breaking It Down” podcast, John Montagna and Jeff Ganz furiously trade riffs and analyze what makes them so great.

Woodstock legacy

Woodstock’s Enduring Legacy

Nearly a half-century after Woodstock, we take a look at other artists of the era (Peter Max, The Beatles) and how the festival continues to impact American culture.

Woodstock Bird

The Bands of Woodstock: Overlooked, Forgotten and Legendary

Everyone knows about Hendrix, Joplin and the Dead. But there were many other bands, including some really big names, that got lost in the mix — for various reasons. And there were others that were just … odd. See more in the next episode of our Woodstock video series.