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Tex Mex music

Tex-Mex Music: The Best of the Border

The Sir Douglas Quintet, Augie Meyers, and Joe “King” Carrasco have spiced up Tex-Mex music over the years. How international is its appeal? Well, some of its practitioners are British!

classic rock bands new singers

The Best Classic Rock Bands With New Singers

From Journey to the Eagles to Boston to Styx, these classic rock bands have replaced iconic lead singers with talent equally (or at least nearly) as worthy of justifying a concert ticket.


No Pretense: The Pretenders’ 2018 Tour

In concert, Chrissie Hynde and company don’t disappoint; at a recent concert, their set sampled from the in-your-face punk of the first album through the wiser-but-edgy latest release “Alone.” The Pretenders are as fearless as ever.