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The Horns on “Lady Madonna”

Fats Domino was a huge influence on this song but the horn section is pure Fab Four ingenuity.

Improbable Covers for the New Millennium

Ryan Adams, Maxwell – even Paul Anka are here to blow your mind with their versions.

Have You Ever Wondered: “Am I Too Old to…”?

At some point, the day will come. It may take a while, but it will come. You’re about to do something, say something, wear something — and, then, the little voice in your head chimes in: “Am I Too Old to…”? Well, we’re here to help…

Author Monica Drake Courtesy of the Author

Author Monica Drake on Clowns, the I Ching, and Noir

With a series of satires set in Portland, she’s re-writing the rules (literally) on what’s funny.

John Montagna

Musicians Who Write, Writers Who Rock

CultureSonar writers John Montagna, Will Wills, and Matthew Greenwald all have a passion for playing music as well as writing about it.