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jeffrey lee campbell

Life As a Working Musician

He toured the world with Sting and then set a record in a Broadway pit. Ace guitarist Jeffrey Lee Campbell has earned his wisdom; and is ready to share it in the debut episode of “5 Questions with…”

top selling albums

Pop’s Biggest Hits in the English-Speaking World

Michael Jackson is still number one for the USA but what’s the best-selling album of all time in England, Australia, and Canada?


Sometimes Comedy Does Age Well

Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Neal Brennan, and Wanda Sykes have serious staying power.

Where Do You Stream Live Concerts?

“Come TV with us” was Hulu’s invitation. “Netflix and chill” was the call to movie lovers everywhere. But what about those of us who just want to rock? Where do we go to get our fix online? Well, there’s a new player on the field:

Two Decades of Number One Guitar Solos in Number One Songs

Guitar-obsessed author Michael Rays talks about the six-string genius of The Beatles, the Stones, and the Byrds.