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The Beatles Before Beatlemania

As origin stories go, this one is pretty amazing. The latest “Deconstructing the Beatles” films trace the band’s early years: from a fateful garden party (well, fete, if you’re a stickler) to the cusp of global mania.

John Medeski

John Medeski Is Having More Than a Moment

Our interview with Medeski Martin & Wood’s keyboardist comes as he’s creating music at a fevered pace, both with his experimental jazz trio and his own band Mad Skillet. Learn more about John Medeski’s pair of recent albums.


Quiz: The Beatles in 1963

In just about twelve months, the Fab Four crossed over from a regional act with a shaky recording deal to the cusp of worldwide Beatlemania. Test your smarts on this pivotal year for John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

grave trippers

The Grave Truth About Music Icons

From Duke Ellington to Toscanini to Jim Morrison, the Gardino brothers have made a hobby of seeking out the graves of famous musicians. And oh, the stories these Grave Trippers tell in our interview.