There Are Faces (We) Remember

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When your last name is “McCartney,” a lot of interesting things are bound to happen. Dr. Angie McCartney married Paul’s father, Jim, in late 1964, right around the time that Beatlemania was exploding worldwide. The couple honeymooned in 1965 in the Bahamas where the group was filming Help!

She and her then-young daughter Ruth (who was adopted by Jim) got a first-hand look at how their famous new relation and his group were impacting people of all types: from fans and family members, associates, up-and-coming rock stars, even a future president of the United States. These encounters have continued through the years, offering a unique perspective on the ever-widening impact of the Fabs.

Angie and Ruth have put their memories into a new book, The Faces I Remember. It’s an extraordinary look into the Beatle “experience” from two people who lived it from the inside. Plus, it features gorgeous digital artwork of many of the famous “faces” they’ve known.

The authors have graciously given us access to a few of the 168 entries in this unique book to share with our devoted Beatles fans.


“I remember a time in the early 1970s when Paul came up North to visit his dad Jim and asked me what music I was listening to these days.

I told him about a new young lad on the radio called Elton John who had a big single, “Your Song.” He said he would be on the lookout for him. He didn’t have to look too far.

When Paul was planning a big record release launch party in London for Wings’ Wildlife, he had his people invite Elton to the bash…Quite late in the evening, Elton arrived, along with a companion. He had sprained his ankle and was using a silver-topped walking cane. He was very shy and didn’t really know many people. He sat alone at the far end of the room, and I remember he was wearing a beautiful velvet jacket and white shirt with a lace jabot at his neck. He had shoulder-length hair at that stage.

As the years have gone on, I have often thought about what changes must have happened in his life and career. He is still as feted today, and the work he does for charity and AIDS research is commendable…”


“…She started out in Scotland when she was a flute player with Dragon’s Playground before moving on to The Tourists, then becoming really famous as part of  Eurythmics with Dave Stewart, and finally on to her still powerful solo career.

We were thrilled to meet her when we did one of our Beatles-related shows for “Charity in Culver City” at Beit T’Shuvah, the wonderful Jewish recovery centre, which was then headed up by Rabbi Mark Borowitz.

The seating for the concert was arranged with the front row being reserved bearing the names

MCCARTNEY on the front row, centre. Annie and her husband were seated in the second row.

Evidently, when she was seated and saw the names in front of her, she was holding her breath, wondering if it might be THE most famous McCartney of all. But alas, it was only Ruth, Martin and myself. At least she got a great reception!

Annie later confessed to her undying love and admiration for The Beatles and regaled us with several happy memories…”


“One late night in February 1971, Jim, Ruth and I were all abed when we heard sounds of merriment from downstairs. We realized that it was an overnight party hosted by Mike [McGear] after one of his local gigs in Liverpool.

In fact, there were still some stragglers flat-out asleep draped all over the lounge when I got Ruth up for school the next morning. It was her eleventh birthday, and she was having some school friends for a tea party that day.

When I drove Ruth to school, Rod Stewart evidently found himself a nice warm bed to climb into and sleep it off. I returned home and busied myself with the usual daily activities, making copious amounts of jellies, cupcakes, and other gooey delights for our afternoon visitors…

When I picked Ruth up from school, I explained that someone had claimed her bed and that he was still sleeping, so I had got her party frock out and laid it on my bed for her to get ready for her birthday tea party.

Many years later when I told her that it had been Rod Stewart who was in her bed, she used it to her advantage when we saw him across the room at a Los Angeles restaurant. On her way to the ladies’ room, she stopped off at his table for a moment to say she remembered that the last time she saw him he was in her bed. That was met with complete stony silence, so she decided not to elaborate on the story and went on her merry way…”

-The CS Team

-Photo: Paul McCartney (Getty)

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  1. Barry Baddams

    Paul has been estranged from his stepmother Angie and stepsister Ruth since they sold some of Jim McCartney’s Beatles memorabilia, which they claim was necessary as Paul ceased to support them after Jim’s death.

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