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A Bit About Power Pop’s Past and Future

Pugwash further enriches a music genre with an already-rich history.

harry nilsson

6 Songs That Embody Harry Nilsson’s Enduring Appeal

He provided The Monkees with a hit in “Cuddly Toy,” and took Three Dog Night up the charts with “One.”


The Crooked Path to Badfinger’s “Straight Up”

Geoff Emerick, George Harrison, and Todd Rundgren all had a hand in the extended production of this 1971 album.

Fountains of Wayne Getty Image

15 Bands Following in The Beatles’ Footsteps

The Next Beatles. It’s a phrase that has gotten tossed around a lot since the breakup of the world’s most famous band. For those bestowed with this accolade, it was a considerable compliment. Sometimes, it was also a curse. After all, who could possibly match