A Magic Ingredient to the Beatles? Ringo!

The Early Beatles

Editor’s Note: This video, from our charming pal Joe Belia, has been enduringly popular since we posted it back in 2020. We think it’s a particularly sweet addition to the “how good a drummer is Ringo, really?” debate. (Natch, we’re on the “he’s awesome” side of that discussion. We also know the audio on the clip isn’t perfect, but love it anyway.)

The Beatles were a particular mix of genius, daring, musicianship, and personality. Distilling what exactly made them so great is a conversation that’s been going on for decades — and one that could go on for eternity.

But one of our musician friends has broken down a little bit of the Beatles’ “secret sauce.” Joe Bellia is the drummer for the Weeklings, one of America’s top Beatles tribute bands. He shared his thoughts (with a fun demonstration!) of one reason why the music of the Beatles stands out from the rest. Have a look (and a listen) — then let us know your thoughts!

-The CS Team

Photo: The Beatles via Getty Images

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8 comments on “A Magic Ingredient to the Beatles? Ringo!

  1. Mark D Chergosky

    Excellent demonstration of how Ringo’s drumming complemented the songs.

  2. Yay!! I’ve been waiting forever for an analysis like this. Thank you! 🙂

  3. That was so fun! Thank you! #BeatlesForever #Ringo

  4. Great explanation of Ringo’s contribution to the Beatles.
    As an aside, just listen to the Decca audition tapes of January, 1962, with Pete Best on drums, then compare them just 7 months later with Ringo. The difference is remarkable. Ringo’s dead-on time, drive and creativity may have been the catalyst they needed.

  5. Ralph Walker

    Very educational, very entertaining, very much deserved tribute to the Beatle who got the least attention for his skills, I think.

  6. Court Newkirk

    I played drums professionally for nine years. I never realized how much I (subconsciously) stole from Ringo. BTW the shuffle and half shuffle came from big band and bebop 30 years before rock.

  7. Michael A Massetti

    Excellent … would love to see more about his drumming!!

  8. Joe Bellia

    Thx everyone… more to come!!

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