Author: Robert Burke Warren

Robert Burke Warren is a writer, performer, and musician. He's traveled the world as a bass player, played the lead in the West End musical Buddy: the Buddy Holly Story, and had his songs performed by Rosanne Cash, the Roots, and rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson. His writing is widely available online, and his debut novel "Perfectly Broken" is available now.

My Audition for The Ramones

When The Ramones were looking for a new bass player in the late 1980s, Robert Burke Warren secured an audition. It was certainly a memorable experience.

Fender Jazz Bass by Paul Klein

When Wood and Wire Come to Life

It’s much more than an instrument. For musician Robert Burke Warren, his Fender Jazz Bass is a part of himself – and has been for decades.

Prince and Rupaul LP covers

Prince, Todd, RuPaul, and Me

It seems everyone has a story about Prince’s impact on their lives. This one involves RuPaul, friendship, and coming of age thanks to the late artist.