Being Amazed Never Gets Old

The Wright Brothers in Flight (Public Domain)

I just finished reading, The Wright Brothers by David McCullough. It is a terrific way to rekindle the awe that we should feel about being Americans. Every country throws off both good and bad, for however long history allows it to last, but some glow with a certain splendor. In reading about these two plain, determined brothers, it is staggering the impact they had on all of history. From the beginning of time humans wanted to do what they finally accomplished. The only comparable match in my experience was Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. He carried a tiny swatch from the wing of the Wright’s first plane with him. Below is a real photo of Wilbur Wright flying around the Statue of Liberty while thousands saw his plane for the very first time.

– Regis Boff

Photo Credit: The Wright Brothers in Fort Myer, Virginia by C.H. Claudy (Public Domain)

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