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Nirvana at MoPOP

The Poster Boy of Rock n’ Roll

From the flyers tacked to a phone pole to the artier posters advertising a band, the Museum of Pop in Seattle has a collection that shows another creative side to rock. Our interview digs into the colorful particulars.

sister rosetta

Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s Soul-Rockin’ Gospel

Raised on gospel, this groundbreaking singer and guitarist had a massive impact on rock n roll. Sister Rosetta influenced everyone from Elvis to Keith Richards, Johnny Cash and more. Get to know an American treasure.

denny seiwell

Denny Seiwell’s Wild Life In Wings

Denny Seiwell was Paul McCartney’s first choice as a drummer for the new band Wings. Coming on the heels of the Beatles, it was an eclectic experience — and we get an inside look at how this new Macca band worked.