Everything Fab Four: The “White Album” Quiz

beatles white album

For the Beatles, 1968 proved to be an eventful year, as they traveled to Rishikesh to study Transcendental Meditation at the feet of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. As musicians, they closed the book on the psychedelia of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour in order to focus their creative energies on high-octane rock n’ roll and late 1960s folk effusions. From May through October 1968, the Beatles recorded their eponymous studio LP The Beatles, which has since been popularized as The White Album. Requiring more than 700 hours to record and comprised of thirty songs, The White Album remains one of the band’s most challenging creations. As we celebrate the record’s 50th anniversary, take today’s quiz and see how much you really know about this fabled LP!

Everything Fab Four: The “White Album” Quiz

-Kenneth Womack

Editor’s Note: Click here to learn more about the upcoming White Album Symposium hosted by Ken Womack at Monmouth University.

Photo Credit: Image of the Beatles courtesy of Monmouth University.

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Ken Womack is an internationally renowned Beatles authority regarding the band’s enduring artistic influence. He is the author of Maximum Volume: The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin (The Early Years: 1926-1966). The second volume in the series, entitled Sound Pictures: The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin (The Later Years, 1966-2016), is forthcoming in 2018. His previous Beatles-related books include Long and Winding Roads: The Evolving Artistry of the Beatles and The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four. You can learn more about Ken’s work at kennethwomack.com.

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