Parliament-Funkadelic: Essential Tracks (Part 2)

george clinton

“All we got to do is lay the rhythm tracks here at United Sound (Studio), and I can record the other tracks anywhere in the world. Because this particular room has that sound that hits you right on your primal button. And people be thinking, ‘what does that remind me of’, and they don’t connect that subliminally they’re hearing that old Motown sound on the bottom in this room.”-George Clinton, 1979.

“We don’t go into the studio and say ‘well, I’m gonna cut this for me. We just go in and cut. Like “Flash Light”, I cut that for Bootsy’s Rubber Band. And “Funkentelechy.” Those are the first two tunes I cut for my first album, but George, uh, needed two tunes, two smash tunes, two instant tunes that would be played, so we got together and it was cool because I knew I had a bunch more tunes I could cut.” -Bootsy Collins, 1978.

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Make no mistake. The Parliament-Funkadelic studio experience is unlike any that you’ll find in the history of the Rock and Roll era. Marathon recording sessions that could run for weeks with P-Funk members literally living in the studio. The end result could produce two to three years’ worth of album releases, flooding the record store racks with uncut P-Funk. A joyful process that transformed a super tight Funk unit into a Funk college. An institution that sees a constant influx of musicians that add unique flavors to the overall mix, while still being faithful to the concept of P-Funk. On that note, we bring forth Part 2 of the 25 most influential tracks of Parliament-Funkadelic.

13) Super Stupid-Funkadelic 1971

14) Mothership Connection (Star Child)-Parliament 1976

15) Pleasure Principle-Parlet 1978

16) I’d Rather Be With You-Bootsy’s Rubber Band 1976

17) Cosmic Slop-Funkadelic 1973

18) Disco To Go-Brides Of Funkenstein 1978

19) What About It?-Eddie Hazel 1977

20) Insurance Man For The Funk-Bernie Worrell 1978

21) (I Wanna) Testify-The Parliaments 1967

22) Up For The Down Stroke-Parliament 1974

23) Hollywood Squares-Bootsy’s Rubber Band 1978

24) Free Your Mind-Funkadelic 1971

25) Let’s Play House-Parliament 1980

-Tim Kinley

-Photo: George Clinton in studio, 1976 (courtesy of the author)

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  1. Tim Kinley does more for the funk before 9am than most of us do in our lifetime 🤘🏾

  2. Tim Kinley

    Thank you sir. That means a lot.

  3. Lynne Flanery

    Was part of PFunk having a relationship with Fuzzy Haskins, Kash was always a presence at my home outside of DC.

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