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classical crossover

Your Blind Date with Beethoven

Janet Jackson lifts Satie. Elvis sings Martini. The Stones raided the Renaissance. And let’s not even get started with the Beatles, who regularly tapped the classical music well.

Father's Day mixtape

Father’s Day Mixtape

Our Father’s Day song selection includes tunes by George Michael, The Temptations and a duet between Lisa Marie Presley and her dad Elvis.

Elvis in the 70s

Elvis Presley in the 1970s: Pure Gold

Sure, Elvis set the rock n’ roll world afire in the ‘50s but his career was still kicking in the 1970s with covers of “You Don’t Need to Say You Love Me,” “I Really Don’t Want to Know,” and “I’ve Lost You.” Check out our full list of The King’s gold records from that decade.