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Beatles Rubber Soul

The Women of “Rubber Soul”

Whether it was John Lennon’s love interest in “Norwegian Wood” or George’s Harrison’s muse for “If I Needed Someone,” women were seen differently for all the Beatles by “Rubber Soul.”

musicals on TV

Musicals on TV: So Far, So Good

“Jesus Christ Superstar” was definitely the best but “Grease: Live,” “The Wiz,” and “Hairspray Live” were pretty darn satisfying, too. Cue to the sing-a-longs.

high fidelity

Why We Love “High Fidelity”

John Cusack, Jack Black and Lisa Bonet are just three reasons to be a fan. The tracks (and lists) in this Stephen Frears movie about obsessive music lovers makes this the perfect “must-watch” for Record Store Day.