Why Woodstock Still Matters

woodstock at 50

Even now — maybe especially now — Woodstock still has meaning. Its mix of music, culture, and idealism resonates across the decades. We recently visited the site of the festival to explore the history and legacy of one of a generation’s defining moments.

In this first of three episodes, Wade Lawrence — Director and Senior Curator at The Museum at Bethel Woods — walks us through the odd, nearly miraculous history of the festival-that-almost-wasn’t.

You can see all the episodes here. AND you can help support the museum (and CultureSonar) by doing some good-karma shopping at our store. Chances are you’ll like what you find there.

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Photo Credit: Image of crowd at Woodstock courtesy of the Museum at Bethel Woods.

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5 comments on “Why Woodstock Still Matters

  1. Darlene FEdun

    I am going to take a look. I’m at home and have no high speed. Will do in the office tomorrow. I hope Wade did us good. I am the CEO of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. Thanks for taking an interest in the work we do. We are inspiring new generations, every day.

  2. A little scary to be reminded of just how old I am – but wasn’t that a time? Still have my ticket and program.

  3. Andrew Datlo

    I Love Bethel Woods. I visit there all the time.
    You can feel the Positive Vibes and Energy the moment you step on the sacred grounds.
    It’s a magical place. Darlene, Wade and all the rest at Bethel Woods do an Amazing job there.
    Thank you for all your efforts and all you do.
    I’m looking forward to spending the 50th anniversary of Woodstock there.

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