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A Network for Music Geeks? Yes, Please.

Qello is “the Netflix for music.” CultureSonar readers can get a 30-day free subscription. Go to and enter the code CultureSonarFD. No credit card info required. No scam. No strings attached. Just a lot of cool, free music stuff.

saturday night live

The Strange Movie Musical Legacy of “Saturday Night Live”

From “Wayne’s World” to “Dreamgirls” to “The Blues Brothers,” SNL alum have made some wonderful musicals.

bates motel

“Bates Motel”: A Thrilling Take on a Classic

The A&E series based on “Psycho” lasted five glorious seasons. May it have a long afterlife.

80s movies

10 Movies That Defined Being a Teen in the ‘80s

“Better Off Dead” and quite a few John Hughes flicks are on this list.