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When Androids Dream of Electric Music on “Westworld”

“Pet Sounds” and “To Pimp a Butterfly” could help robots become more human…

crime miniseries

6 Miniseries for Major Thrills in 10 Episodes or Less

“The Night Manager,” “The Honorable Wonan,” and “The People v. O.J. Simpson” have redefined the crime series (and they’re easy to binge).

bill murray and paul shaffer

A “Happy” Reunion for Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer

Two SNL alums circa 1979 are back together for a new animated music video (packed with Easter eggs).

broad street

“Give My Regards to Broad Street” Sure Has Aged Well

For its Paul McCartney soundtrack alone (produced by George Martin), this movie deserves a second look.


For Jacksfilms, YouTube Is a Job

Haven’t seen his “The WTF Blanket” video? Then you’ve got some parodies waiting for you.