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“Disjointed”: A New High in Sitcoms

Kathy Bates plays a “cannabis activist” in this edgy Netflix series that tinkers with the sitcom format.

john cho

Why #StarringJohnCho Is and Should Be a Thing

You may know him from “Star Trek” and “Harold & Kumar,” but there’s so much more to John Cho.

beatles music videos

Ready for Their Closeups: The Top 5 Beatles Music Videos

The Beatles Vevo page is just as popular as you’d expect.

filmette film festival

Filmette Film Festival: Great Movies, Unusual Lengths

Now in its second year, this NYC film festival focuses on movies that run over a half-hour but under an hour.

jerry seinfeld

Seinfeld Before the Coffee Shop

A new Netflix special has Jerry Seinfeld going back to his comedic roots.