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Wendy Blackstone Courtesy of Getty

Time to Take Note of Film Composer Wendy Blackstone 

Composer Wendy Blackstone has scored over 130 movie and TV projects over the past 36 years, some of which have gone on to win Academy Awards.

steve winwood

A Short History of Traffic – Starting With Winwood (Part 1)

The English rock band Traffic pioneered “the creative retreat” by holing up in the country before going into the studio.

jo harman

If You Like Natalie Merchant…

Jo Harman’s latest channels the craft of Paul Simon, the spirit of Aimee Mann, and the indomitability of Natalie Merchant.

dave dexter

Stop Knocking the American Releases of The Beatles, Already

The Capitol Records exec who tinkered with The Beatles albums gets a lot of heat. What did he do right? Well, a few things…

coney island baby

“Coney Island Baby”: Another Side of Lou Reed

This 1976 album showed the singer-songwriter in full pop mode, writing about love.