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jackson browne

The Best 10 Songs by Jackson Browne That You May Have Never Heard

Just listen to “Looking Into You” and “Two Of Me, Two Of You” for starters.

Where George Martin Found His Post-Beatle Groove

Music veteran Pat Foley had an insider’s perch at AIR Studios Montserrat, where lots of magic happened.

hip hop artists

3 Hip-Hop Artists That Keep It Vital

Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, and Chance the Rapper are doing unique things.

beatles records guest performances

10 Best Guest Performances on Beatles Records

George Martin, Eric Clapton, and Billy Preston made important contributions to these memorable Fab Four songs.

top selling albums

Pop’s Biggest Hits in the English-Speaking World

Michael Jackson is still number one for the USA but what’s the best-selling album of all time in England, Australia, and Canada?