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emitt rhodes

5 Tuneful Reasons to Care Emitt Rhodes Is Back

Part of the ’60s group The Merry-Go-Round, Rhodes now has a voice and sensibility all his own.

cover songs

5 Songs Some Said No One Should Cover and Then…

Dolly Parton covering Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails prove anything that’s great can be great again.

station to station

“Station to Station” Was Yet Another Reinvention for David Bowie

This 1976 album connects Bowie’s plastic-soul era to the Berlin trilogy that would follow.

dee dee ramone

16 Songs That Prove Dee Dee Ramone Was a Kick-Ass Songwriter

He wrote about everything from drug addiction to politics, love, UFOS, and even warthogs.

fleet foxes

With “Crack-Up,” Fleet Foxes Venture Into New Sonic Landscapes

After a six-year hiatus, this indie band is back and pushing its boundaries beyond baroque folk.