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2017 album releases

10 Albums to Look Out For in 2017

In music, the only thing as important as knowing what’s happened is knowing what’s just about to happen. But there’s no prognostication involved in staying a step ahead when it comes to the new year’s schedule of album releases. All you have to do is

Carlene Carter Brings It Back Home

She’s heir to one of the great music lineages in America – but she’s taken some serious detours, only to wind up back where she started. Carlene Carter was born into a musical dynasty, namely, the Carter Family. Beginning in 1927, the Carters (A.P., Maybelle

Wasn’t That a Time

I grew up next door to folk music royalty. Lee Hays was a member of The Weavers, and along with Pete Seeger wrote the famous “Hammer Song,” which was written in support of the progressive movement of the 1940s and became a bullhorn for the

Can We Talk About Dylan’s Voice?

What is it about Bob Dylan? He defies every expectation of a pop star, and yet packs houses endlessly at the age of 74. His shows are epically frustrating, even to fans; which Bob Dylan are we seeing tonight – the shamanic conjurer who brings

When Dylan Plugged in and Changed Everything (Or Not)

In a new book, Dylan Goes Electric!, Elijah Wald challenges the conventional wisdom that when Bob Dylan famously “went electric” in the summer of 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival, a bastion of traditional folk music, he was booed by outraged folkies, and — in