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shawn colvin

Shawn Colvin Comes “Home”

I recently pulled out one of my favorite (old) CDs — Shawn Colvin’s Steady On (1989). I don’t recall how I first discovered her, but once I did, it was love. I listened to that album — and later, Fat City (1992), Cover Girl (’94) and

Carlene Carter Brings It Back Home

She’s heir to one of the great music lineages in America – but she’s taken some serious detours, only to wind up back where she started. Carlene Carter was born into a musical dynasty, namely, the Carter Family. Beginning in 1927, the Carters (A.P., Maybelle

Wasn’t That a Time

I grew up next door to folk music royalty. Lee Hays was a member of The Weavers, and along with Pete Seeger wrote the famous “Hammer Song,” which was written in support of the progressive movement of the 1940s and became a bullhorn for the

Can We Talk About Dylan’s Voice?

What is it about Bob Dylan? He defies every expectation of a pop star, and yet packs houses endlessly at the age of 74. His shows are epically frustrating, even to fans; which Bob Dylan are we seeing tonight – the shamanic conjurer who brings

When Dylan Plugged in and Changed Everything (Or Not)

In a new book, Dylan Goes Electric!, Elijah Wald challenges the conventional wisdom that when Bob Dylan famously “went electric” in the summer of 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival, a bastion of traditional folk music, he was booed by outraged folkies, and — in