A Glimpse Into the Future of Music


WilcoThe March 13 issue of The New York Times Magazine is in spectacular form with an entire installment devoted to 25 songs that — their title — tell us where music is going. It’s a mix of tunes that’s as eclectic as it is encyclopedic, covering artists like Kendrick Lamar, Wilco, D’Angelo, Coldplay and Margo Price.

[amazon template=left aligned image&asin=B017IS0HY0]Each of the 25 spotlighted songs (they even manage a short essay on Justin Bieber) has commentary from one of 25 different writers whose backgrounds range from the conventional (NYT reporters, Rolling Stone) to academia to artists and novelists, each with a unique take on why each individual song deserves your consideration and the cultural phenomenon it represents. Curiosity piqued, you’ll find yourself hurrying to the web to check out an artist or video you’ve absolutely got to learn more about.

Below are two I especially liked: Mac DeMarco, and on a completely different end of the spectrum, the Spanglish remix of Pitbull‘s “El Taxi.” But remember, there are 23 more that are deserving of attention.

Click here to go to The NYT Magazine article. Guarantee you’ll be turned on to some cool new stuff.

Steve Harty

Photo Credit: Wilco image GFDL permissions

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