Scarcity and Beauty: An Irresistible Combination

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I will admit it: I like and want beautiful things. I try to make it a lower priority on my list, but since I was a child there were objects or objets that I thought a lot about, desired desperately, and every now and then actually got. To be clear, I work hard and always have. I also keep my shopping trips few and far between so that I really enjoy and treasure the experience. When I was 12, maybe 13, I wanted a Benetton Rugby shirt. When I was in my early 20s, a black Gucci belt with a ‘g’ at the buckle (ugh), and the list goes on from there. Now that I am older, well actually, let’s just say wiser; I don’t really want what everyone else has. I like the concept of a limited run or a hard-to-get item; the chase, on line or in store, can be a very nice distraction to every day responsibilities.   Happily, there are companies who embrace this concept.

A few months ago I was checking my Instagram feed and happened upon a beautiful leather bag featured in a collaboration with nail art studio I follow (that’s a whole other article…). I dove into the hunt and quickly discovered that it is made by Mansur Gavriel and more importantly that they only make a few. Mansur Gavriel is a New York City based label started by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel. They started it just a few years ago and bring great color and design to beautiful leathers and craftsmanship. They have a business model that is so up my alley. Rather than over-produce and charge a lot to cover the ‘waste’; they under-produce. They choose a price that represents the product, the process, and an appropriate product. As a result, you can get a beautiful bag that is stylish and highly desired because it’s hard to buy, hard to find. Even better, it is not just priced for celebrities or CEOs. It’s at a somewhat normal price point.

I was hooked, and now I had just one last challenge; how could I, a busy working suburban mom, get one? My Google searches led me to dead ends. However a few click throughs on Instagram took me to a small fashion blog that had the down low. They were releasing the bags on October 20th – only one bag/person. So on the 20th, a lot of fashion-savvy 20 and 30 somethings — and I — checked, rechecked, and checked again for the resupply. I knew it was on when my younger cousin’s very cool wife uploaded a picture of her win to her Instagram feed. I had my new bag in my virtual basket shortly thereafter. I received it a few days ago and have been wearing it around NYC as I hop from work appointment to appointment. Perhaps it’s just my imagination but I feel like a few insiders have given me a knowing glance. The best part about it is that I love my bag, and because there only a few, I am not going to see them everywhere.

Brooke Nalle

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