Amazon Takes A Look At “Modern Love”

modern love

Tender tales of heartbreak, honesty, humor, and having it all bring the concepts of caring and commitment to the small screen. Amazon Prime’s Modern Love is 8-episodes of binge-worthy entertainment that digs deep into what makes people fall for one another, fight to make it work or let things unravel, and learn and grow as humans in the process.

Each episode stands alone, as the stories are based on real-life dramas as written for the popular New York Times column “Modern Love.” Essentially, these personal essays are elaborated upon and made into 30-minute television segments that pull the viewer into an intimacy that is not often discussed, let alone seen. It is this rawness and realness that makes Modern Love so surprising, yet quite simple all the same. Love is universal despite the differences that often divide us. Whether it’s love at first sight or losing a lover, the stories share a commonality – the experiences that make up our lives are complex and can be beautiful or may break us down. Sometimes both.

The writing is wonderfully well-done and the acting is impeccable, with big names like Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel, and Tina Fey rounding out the cast of lesser-known talent who are equally exquisite. You will laugh, shed a tear or two, feel pleasure and pain, and see a glimpse of yourself or someone you know in each character. From cutting to the chase to choosing to compromise, there is so much meaning behind the words and actions we all say and do. Modern Love’s angle is to creep into these nuances, get to the core of what it is people long for and can (or cannot) let go of, and if the people they meet bring true happiness and wholeness into their lives.

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We learn how and why people make some of life’s toughest choices or refuse to realize what is right in front of them. We are invested in the characters’ relationships as well as their personal gains and losses. Smiles, struggles, sadness, shockers. Everything is out on the table to tell the stories of real people with passions and problems. Their stories may be brief on-screen but are eternal in their emotional aftermath.


Watch Modern Love and be drawn into the delicacy of desire and the truthfulness of love. Compare your own experiences or lack thereof, and learn from others’ intuitiveness and mistakes. The 8 episodes of Modern Love will not only entertain but encourage you to love more deeply…starting with yourself.

-Melissa Kay

Photo: Tina Fey, John Slattery in Modern Love/Amazon

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