Are You Ready for Some “Super” Commercials?

Sharp TV (Public Domain)

Sharp TV (Public Domain)

The first few weeks of every new year are a festival of ambitious new advertising. There was a time when we gathered around the cathode ray to gobble up the Super Bowl ads as eagerly as the chili and Italian subs. Marketers now begin Super Bowl involvement weeks in advance, launching teasers, prequels, backgrounders… and sometimes the spots themselves to heighten anticipation and online chatter.

An ambitious new spot celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokémon neatly taps into classic sports-brand clichés with a “we can do this” attitude and shows kids striving to be their best in a range of global endeavors. Nicely produced and with a nice balance of restraint and brand pride, you’ll see why this spot is the most viral of the pre-Super Bowl lot.

Steve Harty

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Photo Credit: Sharp television set public domain image courtesy of Pixabay.

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