Wheeler Dealers: A Crackin’ Car Show

Mike Brewer of Wheelers Dealers (PR Photo)

Mike Brewer of Wheelers Dealers (PR Photo)

Let me admit this from the start…I know very little about cars or how they work. I love the Prius that I drive, but mostly because of its great gas mileage and that it gets me from point A to point B. But, despite my ignorance, I still appreciate classic cars and great car shows, which is why I’m a big fan of Wheeler Dealers.

With over a dozen seasons and counting, Wheeler Dealers follows British car experts Mike Brewer and Edd China* as they buy and restore iconic cars and (usually) sell them for a profit. Brewer does the dealing. Episodes begin with his search for a particular kind of car and his attempt to bargain for the lowest price — something he’s awfully good at. Brewer then delivers the car to the Wheeler Dealers shop, where China awaits to fix all manner of mechanical problems, big and small, all while trying to stay within a set budget.

China is a genius in the garage. With his signature orange latex gloves and lots of cool tools, he can work his way around any challenge, from replacing the engine or transmission to fixing the gear shift or dashboard gauges. He makes it all seem so easy, sometimes I want to go tinker with my car (good thing I don’t!). China speaks in easy-to-understand terms and even gives viewers “top tips” for those who may want to try some of his repair techniques at home.

But it’s not only the internal workings of the car that get attention on the show. Mike and Edd find interesting ways to pay homage to these beautiful cars, while also giving them new life. Sometimes that means a new coat of paint, custom chrome pieces, an updated interior, or even a vinyl wrap. Once the car is in perfect condition on the inside and out, the duo take it for a test drive, and then it’s time for more dealing. Brewer’s line at the completion of every sale is, “Hold out your hand” usually followed by “You’ve got yourself a crackin’ motor.” You can tell he gets such a thrill from what he does (and, of course, from taking in a profit).

A few favorite episodes come to mind (which you can catch on Velocity as repeats): the team’s work on a 1967 Amphicar, a 1972 Lamborghini Urraco P250S, and a 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500. Mike and Edd are smart, fun, and entertaining, and so is their show. You should definitely consider going along for the Wheeler Dealers ride.

Andrea White

* Casting Update: Edd China has been replaced by Ant Anstead.

Photo Credit: Mike Brewer of Wheeler Dealers courtesy of Discovery.

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