Author: Don Klees

Don Klees has spent many years in the video business. This continues to enrich his life in many ways, chief among them being able to tell people he watches television for a living. An avid consumer of pop – and sometimes not-so-popular – culture, his spare time is devoted to putting his film production degree to use on a documentary about the old-time radio cult-classic Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.
hall and oates

The Unsung Hall & Oates

You know the hits of Hall & Oates. Now get to know less well-known albums such as “Beauty on a Back Street,” “Bigger Than Both of Us,” and “Along the Red Ledge.”


No Pretense: The Pretenders’ 2018 Tour

In concert, Chrissie Hynde and company don’t disappoint; at a recent concert, their set sampled from the in-your-face punk of the first album through the wiser-but-edgy latest release “Alone.” The Pretenders are as fearless as ever.