Author: Jim Beviglia

Jim Beviglia is a freelance journalist and author who lives in Old Forge, PA with his wife, Marie, and daughter, Daniele. Since they've long since tuned out his long-winded opinions about the greatest songs in music history, he writes about them instead. Twitter: @JimBeviglia 
Bob Dylan albums

Oh Mercy! Bob Dylan’s Top 10 Albums

Dylan’s career has been wildly-varied, but one thing’s never changed: the music has remained outstanding. Picking just ten albums was a challenge we were happy to take on!


The 10 Best Squeeze Songs You May Have Never Heard

Sure, you love “Up the Junction,” “Black Coffee In Bed,” and “Tempted,” but there are so many other tunes by Difford and Tilbrook to explore from “Wrong Side of the Moon” (1980) to “Patchouli” (2017).