Author: Paul Jenkins

Paul O. Jenkins is an academic librarian who has been following the Beatles since 1965 when his father presented him with Rubber Soul. He has published a bibliographic essay on the best 100 books written about the band and co-edited a book titled Teaching the Beatles, published by Routledge in 2018. He has also presented at the recent conferences celebrating the White Album and Abbey Road. In addition to his duties as library director, Jenkins teaches a course on the Beatles at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire.

The Replacements: Losers Who Won

The Replacements, with Paul Westerberg at the helm, defined 90s Minneapolis alternative rock. So what happened? An appreciation of their career.

Beatles Rubber Soul

7 Imaginative Beatle Books to Explore

The movie “Yesterday” asked “what if?” These Beatle books do something similar, imagining different storylines around the Fab Four’s remarkable journey.